“took the road less traveled by…”

May 2018 by Penelope (Penny) Martin

Celebrating 20 years!

As I began to savor a yummy Dove chocolate, I glanced down to read the quote on the red foil wrapper… “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations”.  I then flashbacked to the breathtaking scenery Jim and I witnessed as we traveled throughout Utah on our vacation last summer.  Driving through the treacherous roads woven amongst the red rocks to the Grand Canyon and its immense beauty, we were led to the most magnificent of views.  Had we stayed on the main interstates, we surely would have seen some amazingly beautiful sights off in the distance.  However, as we traveled through the narrow, perilous side roads, each new turn revealed to us what seemed to a more spectacular view than the one before.

We couldn’t help but think of how the early settlers of this country traveled throughout and explored such rugged territory including the Grand Canyon…how they struggled through not only the most treacherous terrain, but the harshest weather as well. Yet in spite of such adversity, they remained intent upon establishing a new life.  Their difficult path led them to, not only a land of beauty, but to the new life they were seeking.

So it is with life. If we take the easy road, we may be able to coast along.  But is that good enough?  Perhaps our life’s destination might be just okay, but don’t we want more than just okay?  Don’t we want to experience the utmost joy and beauty of life?

Holy Land Stone Company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year!

When I look back to the early days of HLSC, I realize how little we knew about what we were about to undertake. Although we had Jim’s vision (providing a piece of Jerusalem Stone to remind us of our faith and religious heritage), we had no idea where this road would lead.   We ventured out into an industry completely unfamiliar to us with an entirely unique product line.  Yet we found it to be one that not only reminds us of our faith, but one that encourages us, inspires us and brings us together as a family of God, reminding us that we are His and He is always with us. I believe as Robert Frost wrote, we “took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

It is and has been a challenging and at times quite difficult road, yet one filled with beauty, hope, and so many heartwarming experiences. We see God’s hand at work in our customers, suppliers, employees and all those who walk this road with us.  This journey has and continues to make my life more fulfilling.  I wouldn’t have wanted to have miss out on any of it.  I wouldn’t have wanted to take an alternative, easier road.

As you walk the road of life, do you see a clear, smooth path or do you feel the struggles of life blocking your pathway to peace? At those times when the road becomes rough and you fear you may have lost your way, always remember it is those very struggles that develop your character and give you the compassion and wisdom to guide others through their difficult roads.  And most importantly, as you seek God’s guidance, you will discover His hand leading you through your uncertainty.

As we commemorate HLSC’s milestone, I thank you for traveling with us. May the road of life lead you to the most beautiful of destinations, and may you find inspiration and hope with every turn… perhaps even within the midst of a chocolate break!

In conjunction with our 20th anniversary commemoration, we are pleased to introduce our newly designed website:

It is with gratitude and love we say “see you later” to our dear friend Hope Lockwood who is retiring from Holy Land Stone after 12 years. Many of you know Hope for her joyful demeanor and eagerness to help as she greeted phone/in-house customers. In addition to her many contributions to HLSC, she served as our final quality control inspector as she packed orders. She always went the extra mile and prayed for those who were to receive each order. We will miss you, Hope, but know you will enjoy your retirement!

Have a blessed month!

Penny & the Holy Land Stone Team