The Comfort Cross - as it separates, it holds hearts together.

The Comfort Cross, a gift from you to your families, reminds aching hearts that their loved one is safe at home, resting in peace. Crafted of pure Jerusalem stone, the Comfort Cross separates into two halves: one to be placed in the casket or urn, and the other to hold onto, as a reminder of the loving bond unbroken by death.

When a family
reaches out to you,
give them something
to hold on to.


Enriching your Value

Your families will always remember the moment you placed the Comfort Cross in their hand, and be grateful to you for it. At a time when feelings of loss and coping with details and decisions can be overwhelming, the comfort in knowing you care about their pain and need for connection is immeasurable.

Bringing Comfort

The Comfort Cross, carved out of stone quaried from the sacred land where Jesus walked, is at the same time physical, tactile, spiritual and personal.

It uniqely connects an eternal love from across both sides of life.

Take note of its dual surfaces. One is smooth and gleaming, symbolizing the tranquility and light that now surround the loved one; the other, rough and uneven, representing the earthly struggle that has been left behind by those who now rest in God’s presence.


Stone from the Holy Land

Since ancient times, Jerusalem stone has been used to build such sacred structures as the Western Wall and the Garden Tomb. This uniquely beautiful stone offers an extraordinarily rich range of pink, sand, gold and ivory colors as well as incomparable tactile feel. It can only be described as a “living stone,” being soft when quarried and first chiseled, then becoming more durable with exposure.

Craftsmanship with a Mission

Every Comfort Cross is lovingly and carefully crafted by hand in our own workshop, and packaged gently and securely with meticulous care—together with prayers for those who are to receive them. Although this is our business, it is also our calling, our mission to share God’s comfort with all who suffer the pain of loss.

In Their Own Words

“What a great way to show our appreciation to the families who have entrusted us with their loved ones, and even more importantly how the Cross allows one to forever hold on to their loved one. One of the first things I did when becoming Director was incorporate the Comfort Cross program. Later, I experienced my own loss as my dad passed away, and at that time it became even more personal. To this day, every time I hold it, I can feel him holding his half. I cannot thank Penny & Jim enough for giving me the opportunity for being able to forever feel my father’s presence.”

Anthony Carpinello, CCCE, CCE
Director of Cemeteries
Diocese of Providence, RI

The Comfort Cross has been one of the most appreciated gifts to our families that we have incorporated into pursuing our goals of great ministry and service.

Stephen E. Bittner, CCCE,CCE
President of the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society

“We have received wonderful feedback on the uniqueness and quality of these gifts. Families love the fact that they have a keepsake that bonds them with their loved one.”

Kelly C. Hyke
Owner/Funeral Director
Thelen-Hyke Funeral Home
Redfield, SD

“The delicate presentation of this cross for an individual who has lost a spouse, parent, lover or child is extremely appreciated. The significance of having one stone cut into two as a keepsake until they meet again is truly a bonding experience and an opportunity to show our compassion to our families.”

Charles Kelly, Dignity Memorial
Family Services
Lakemont Memorial Gardens
Elkridge, MD

“Thank you so much for providing these helpful symbols of God's loving care and His tender mercy. They are more powerful than any words I could ever come up with on my own to offer comfort and consolation at such a tragic time in the lives of these families.”

Tony O’ Bryan, Cemetery Director
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery
Norman, OK

“The widow told of the first night alone in the house and how she felt she would never be able to sleep in the house or in the same bed alone. She made herself get ready for bed, got into it, and kept thinking that she'd never sleep. When she saw her part of the cross on her nightstand, she reached for it, kissed it and felt immediate relief that everything was going to be alright because she knew the other part of it was with her husband! Stories like this one reinforce that we are making a difference.”

Linda Cotton, President, CFC
Greenleaf Memorial Park
New Bern, NC

We are pleased to offer special pricing to funeral homes and other organizations who present the Comfort Cross as gifts to their families. Click here now or call us to place your order. Your satisfaction, and the satisfaction of your families is not just guaranteed - it’s our very mission.

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