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Penny Martin

Holy Land Stone Company, LLC

  About Us

Thank you for your interest in the Jerusalem Stone. As our Certificate of Authenticity that accompanies each gift explains, each piece is skillfully handcrafted in our plant in Melbourne, Florida (made in the USA) from authentic Jerusalem Stone—quarried in the hills of Jerusalem. This ancient stone from the age of miracles is the same stone that for centuries has been and continues to be revered by those of all faiths and denominations that trace their religious roots back to the Holy Land.

In April of 1996 for the first time, my husband Jim’s career led him to Israel. As he approached the City of Jerusalem for the first time, he was inspired by what he described as “the most beautiful site he had ever seen.”  He said, “the sun had a luminous effect as it rose and set over the city of stone.”   The entire City of Jerusalem (including the religious sites, such as the Wailing Wall, King Solomon's Temple, etc.) is constructed of Jerusalem Stone. Traveling throughout the city and countryside, the beauty of the stone and the connection that he felt between the stone and his faith made a lasting impression upon Jim. Those images remain with him as a constant reminder of his ties to the holy city.

Jim's business required that he return to Israel a year later. At that time he searched for a souvenir of the Jerusalem Stone, but was unable to find one.  God had impressed upon his heart a desire to share a reminder of Him with others—although he didn’t know at the time what it was that he was to share.

Upon his return home, Jim tenaciously researched the possible channels for importing Jerusalem Stone and eventually established contact with the owner of one of the quarries in Jerusalem who shipped samples of the stone to our home. Over our kitchen island we began brainstorming product ideas. Jim was determined to create a gift made of Jerusalem Stone for others to treasure--a souvenir of that same stone that he himself had been seeking.

Thus, in December of 1997 together with Jim’s brother Mike and two other couples, we founded Holy Land Stone Company, LLC. I accepted the challenge of managing the business, and Mike began working in our garage setting up the cutting, sanding and polishing processes. Our first product was a chiseled cube of the stone with a bronze insert embedded in it that read "Millennium 2000--Prepare the Way of the Lord".  From there we designed crosses, scripture stones, menorahs, plaques, etc.--gifts for those of all faiths.

Since those early days at the kitchen island and in the garage, we’ve expanded our territories and are currently selling to stores, churches and organizations throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. In addition to the more than 900 standard products that we hand craft, we do custom work and personalizing for churches, profit/not-for-profit organizations and individuals. We are blessed with a talented team that works together and truly cares about and shares in our mission of giving glory to God through the work that we do and the products that we offer. Holding the Jerusalem Stone in the palm of your hand provides comfort, encouragement and a feeling of peace. These very stones have endured throughout the centuries and are symbolic, yet tangible reminders of God's presence and His everlasting love for us. Just as Jim was seeking a souvenir of Jerusalem Stone as a tangible remembrance of his visit to the Holy Land, we hope that you and yours will be inspired by and treasure these "precious stones" for generations to come.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
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