Comfort Cross Testimonials

comfort cross testimonal

 If I had one item to recommend for aftercare and marketing, it would be the Comfort Cross. As this stone cross’s origination is from the very hills of Jerusalem where Jesus walked, the stone itself has amazing significance.

We added the Comfort Cross to our aftercare program about a year ago. This little stone cross has made an enormous difference in the lives of our families. My counselors present these to the family when they make their at-need arrangements.

With families that had already pre-arranged, we were struggling with how to get after care into their lives. My counselors started taking a Comfort Cross to the funeral home – this way they could introduce themselves to the family, and provide them with a spiritual gift at the same time. Some families place half of this cross in the casket with their loved one, and keep the other half, providing them with a sense of peace – a “connection” to the person who has passed.

The Comfort Cross provides a testament to our faith, and invariably produces referrals from our families. We have seen record numbers in referral sales since adopting the Comfort Cross in our aftercare program.

In addition, we have added to our aftercare program, a some baby crosses for families that have lost a child.  The Jerusalem Stone products are amazing, I can’t say enough about them.

Linda Jankowski
Director – Family Service, Sales and Marketing
Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association

"I have been amazed at the reaction the Comfort Cross™ has had--especially with families who are not regular churchgoers.  In this secularizing society, there is something about the emotional impact of placing a Comfort Cross™ in a deceased's casket.  So much so, our cemeteries have experienced families purchasing a Comfort Cross™ to be placed in the caskets of loved ones to be buried in non-Catholic cemeteries.  That in itself is a testament to our Catholic cemeteries being instruments of evangelization." 

Paul Garriépy, CCCE, Director of Cemeteries and Property Management, Roman Catholic Diocese of Lansing, MI

"The families I have worked with love them--like they still have a piece of their loved one with them.  The funeral home involved loves them as well!"

Dale Sargent, Family Services Counselor, Mt. Elliott Group/Clinton Township, MI

"The Comfort Crosses™ were a huge success, and we will continue this tradition for years to come."

Jody DePriest, Regional Supervisor, Magnolia Management Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA

"Those who receive the Comfort Cross are so appreciative and, in most cases, moved to tears as they hold their cross."

Ron White, Gardens of Faith, Baltimore, MD

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