Jerusalem Stone Testimonials

The stone is unbelievably beautiful!   Although your catalog is good, no picture could do the product justice.

I gave the comfort cross to my Dad, and I cannot tell you how much it meant to him.  He kept explaining it to everyone, and tears welled in his eyes every time.

Your very special crosses were exquisite and will be cherished by all the grandchildren who attended the baptism.  I can't think of a better gift to celebrate the occasion.  Thank you and your staff for your dedication to nurturing our spiritual needs.

In our small bookstore, the best sellers have turned out to be Jerusalem Stone products.  They make unique gifts.  Many of our guests treasure them as mementos of their retreat experience.

Just a little note to let you know how you have touched my life through what you are doing with Holy Land Stone.  I have not stopped talking about what you are doing and shared it with 3 people (colleague in Arizona and my mother and husband) SO FAR.  Will keep spreading the word!  God bless many through you! Thank you!

All of your items seem to touch the hearts of so many people that understand the importance of the Holy Land.  We look forward to having your Holy Land Stone in our studio for years to come.

I purchased one of your stones for my mother a couple of years ago (Trust in the Lord with all your heart).  She absolutely loved it!  Now I own a small gift shop and would like to carry the Jerusalem Stone.

I thought about how that very rock could have been in close proximity of our Lord Jesus as He walked the land there. I consider it one of my treasures and when I hold that cross in my hand while praying, it seems to fit into my hand and prayer becomes a whole new experience for me.

To all employees at Holy land Stone.  My thanks to you for a very nice product.  The quality is very good to the eye!   I am sure my gift will be well received. Thanks again. .

I have purchased some of your beautiful works, and may I say thank you?

Your products are top quality, and I am proud to advertise them for our stores. We see a lot of very mediocre lines and when a product like yours stands out, it certainly makes our job easier.

Thank you very much for the Jerusalem Stone catalogue. It is a powerful witness to family life. The message is subtle and very loving, comforting and encouraging, a gift for each season of life's journey.  There is no other company who covers every need and every occasion such as yours.  Thank you for trusting God's idea in bringing blessings big enough to make a better world.  We are grateful.

My dream is to go to the Holy Land some day, and the Jerusalem Stones just bring me a little closer.  What a great product you have!  (Seriously, I just love them!)  I am so happy that you started this business.

I just received a Hands of God necklace engraved in the Jerusalem Stone.  Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are.

I love your stones! They bring me joy each time I see them.

I took five of the small standing crucifixes with me to a conference and wished I had all ten.  They were sold in about one hour.  It was a men's conference, and they obviously loved them.

What a wonderful feeling to know that Jesus' presence was felt by these "living stones" and that His gaze might have fell on them!! 

Upon arriving home from vacation the first mail I opened was the custom prayer stone which you did for me to give to a friend.  It took my breath away.  It is a hundred times more beautiful then I ever could imagine.  Thank you so much for your personal touch.. the phone call and e-mails make this gift even that more special because you cared. Remember me, I am definitely coming back for more. 


With appreciation and prayers for your continued success.
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